The Factory


. . . mindful brevity from an assembly line . . .


Welcome to the Factory!

The Factory is an exercise for mass producing original poetry

using the framework of a free association psychology experiment.


Words are spoken.

Participants freely associate and write the first words that come to mind.

Participants’ papers are passed with each step.

The words are then arranged into a haiku/poem.

Papers are passed.

The haiku/poem is then read.

The participant next to the reader attempts to analyze the haiku/poem.

The analysis of the haiku/poem is transcribed.


The result is a creative work produced by three participants,

and a creative analysis/criticism/commentary produced by the fourth participant.

The volume of works and analyses produced is dependent on the sample size of participants.

With a small sample, the Factory model will produces few works.

With a large sample, the Factory model will produces many works.


See examples from the previous Factory runs and watch for future runs:


Factory Run 1 (2-7-2012): 13 Works

 – (Analysis/Interpretation: Haiku/Poem #1)


Factory Run 2 (2-19-2012): 4 Works


Factory Run 3 (2-27-2012): 7 Works


Factory Run 4 (11-15-2016): 10 Works



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