The Haiku They Carried

  The Haiku They Carried (Haiku inspired by The Things They Carried (1990), Tim O’Brien)   2012.1.18 The things they carry Become the things that carry Them . . . own them . . . rule them . . .   2012.2.10 Cross, Bowker, Kiley, Sanders, Dobbins, Kiowa, Azar, O’Brien . . .   2012.3.15 […]

Analysis/Interpretation: Haiku/Poem #1

  Analysis/Interpretation: Haiku/Poem #1: Apple of the book Bluebird in the desert The lion ate the grasshopper Analyses: “Apple of the book”: 1. Theologically, apple may represent the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, the Fall of Man, Creationism, etc, with “the book” referring to the Hebrew/Christian Bible. 2. Scientifically, apple may represent Isaac […]