Notes and Quotes – Hunter S. Thompson

– Notes and Quotes –


Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1972), The Rum Diary (1998)


“It never got weird enough for me.”


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1972)

“Well, why not? Many fine books have been written in prison.” (57:00)


“Yeah. I know. I’m guilty. I understand that. I knew it was a crime but I did it anyway. Shit, why argue? I’m a fucking criminal. Look at me.” (1:01:10)


Checking Lucy into the Hotel Americana: “Last name? I’d rather not say. My brother’s in politics.” (1:14:45)


Password: “One hand washes the other.”

Response: “I fear nothing!” (1:33:30)


“North Vegas is where you go when you’ve fucked up once too often on The Strip and when you’re not even welcome in the cut-rate Downtown places.”


“We had abused every rule that Vegas lived by – burning the locals, abusing the tourists, terrifying the help. The only chance now, I felt, was the possibility that we’d gone to such excess that nobody in the position to bring the hammer down on us could possibly believe it.”


“God’s mercy on you swine!”



Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)

“In my case, you know what, I hate to advocate drugs, or liquor, violence, insanity to anyone, but in my case it’s worked.” (1:12:55)



The Rum Diary (1998)


“Hey, we’re expecting guests. I thought you said he was writing a book.”

“Said I was writing an essay. And it requires some shut mouth.”

“Oh, don’t waste your time on those junkyard losers. This country was

built on genocide and slavery. We killed all the black guys that were here, and then we shipped in new black guys of our own, and then we brought in Jesus, like a bar of soap. Let’s go. You know it. I am the religious correspondent. Fuck off with your Jesus Police! If the Bible’s God’s book, why didn’t He give it to everyone?” (37:00)


“Look at me, Kemp. You’re not sleeping, you’re wide awake. And this is the American Dream.”

“So many hotels, you can’t see the sea.”

“You can see the sea by checking into the hotels.”

“Pay to see the sea?”

“What’s the matter with that? You’re paying to be in the dream.” (39:50)


“Do not confuse love with lust, nor drunkenness with judgment. You want my advice?”

“No. If it involves her, no, I don’t.”

“Stay away from her.” (47:25)


“You know what Oscar Wilde said? ‘They know the price of everything, the value of nothing.’” (1:14:25)


“Not going glum on us, are you?”

“Just thoughts.”

“What’s the book?”

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It was written in 1797 by a junkie called Coleridge. He wrote that when he was twenty five years old. I’ve been dragging a typewriter around with me for ten. I’ve written nothing.”

“You’ve written some books.”

“Nah. I’ve got no voice. I don’t know how to write like me.” (1:17:30)


Moburg’s Dick:

“Is it clap?”

“A standing ovation.” (1:28:10)


“You’re giving me fear. Stop it! I’ve got fear!”

“Fuck you. So do I.”

“You’re high, you fool. Drink some rum.” (1:32:00)


“He looked at me kind of sideways and said, ‘Human beings are the only creatures on Earth that claim a God. And the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one. Does the world belong to no one but you?’” (1:33:45)


“You smell it? It’s the smell of bastards. It’s also the smell of truth. I smell ink.” (1:53:00)