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There are many educational resources available on the internet.

How is Skilloville different?



Skilloville was originally intended as another educational platform, but because the internet has become so inundated with “educational” resources, purpose shifted to a repository of academic productivity and more of a portfolio of projects.



What are some coming features visitors can expect?



Some projects include research sections for Psychology, Pedagogy, Technology, and more videos. There is much existing content that is unavailable as of yet, but in due time will become available. Suggestions welcome.



What other areas of research is Skilloville involved in?



Current research areas of interest include the potential utility for public school programs focused on motivating human potential through, for example, Critical Awareness Training, and Teaching Conscription for Students.

The concept of Critical Awareness Training intends to open students’ minds through first understanding the self, what it means to be a person in the modern day, and how to interact with others and the world around you.

The concept of Teaching Conscription for Students intends to harness the understanding of those with critical awareness training and redirect that ability as teachers of other students.



The students become the teachers?

What do the teachers become?



Correct, the students do the teaching.

The teachers facilitate for the student teachers of students.

Ideally, students leave school prepared and licensed to teach and instruct in college and career settings at their aptitude level.

We hear of military conscription for defense purposes, and yet there is no teacher conscription for educative purposes.

The education model becomes flipped and every citizen becomes an educator.



When can the internet expect another Factory run?



That is ever the burning question.

The next run should be preferably very large.

The original Factory runs were administered to Undergraduate and Masters level University students.

There has yet to be a Factory run in a secondary or elementary schooling environment where a larger sample size may be expected.

Additionally, the Factory productivity, the poems and analyses are only half of the process with administering procedures being the other half.

The experience of administering and participating in a Factory run is supposed to be somewhat chaotic, suspenseful, and, above all, fun.

As well, it is preferable to video record Factory runs to share the experience with other students, family, friends, and the academic community to further drive interest in future runs.

With video, students may be seen as being engaged with the activity, riveted waiting for each word prompt to be spoken, perhaps confused and amused while passing papers, and uncertain or challenged while supplying an impromptu verbal analysis of a work.

We are very excited for opportunities to administer future Factory runs.

If interested in arranging a run or being a participant, email Skilloville at info@skilloville.com or contact/comment here at the website.

Another way to get involved is to critically analyze works from existing runs and contribute analyses and discussion in the comments.



Any advice for burgeoning academics?



Have ambition.

Take education seriously.

Research means learning.

Learn from all aspects in life.

Teach others as well as learn from them.

Be aware of your study habits and study space.

Be organized and annotate your work for convenient future reference.

Familiarize yourself with keystrokes, document formatting, and academic paper formatting to save yourself time in the future.

Communication means Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

Pedagogy is an art form.

Now go forth and educate!


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